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Have you always wanted a squeegee with two different degrees of hardness in one hand? Hiroyuki Hattori from AMS Japan had the great idea. Many thanks to Japan :)

Now you can put together your own individual squeegee


The YelloTwin Base consists of two shells, into each of which you can insert a desired squeegee lip. The base is also magnetic so you can park the squeegee on any magnetic surface like a car or one of our MagTape Rulers or GeckoPatches!  


The YelloTwin Lip comes in various degrees of firmness from very hard (93° Shore) to very soft (35° shore) so any combination is possible.

Our beta testers love the YelloTwin Squeegee also for applying PPF on vehicle roofs, large surfaces etc. as well as for incorporating wraps into seams with just one tool. This thing is simply FUN :-)


You must buy the base, then add the color lips you want. Numbers are Shore Rating for hardness.