YelloTools YelloGuide Flexi 2020

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YelloGuide Flexi

Signmaker Cutter for cutting inner and outer contours in Sign Making

Now in new design 2020! We have improved the grip for you once again!

You need a clean cut along an inner or outer contour with a distance of 3, 4 or 5 mm from the enclosure? On top of that you want a signmaker cutter, which is suitable for both right-handed and left-handed?

All that is no problem for our new YelloGuide Flexi! :)

This sign making tool offers you a fabulous 12-in-1 solution! With its versatility, the vinyl cutter "YelloGuide Flexi" is a true multi-tool for signmakers that should not be missing in any tool trolley. It's quite possible that even the dreaded distance cuts when cutting your vinyls will be one of your favorite tasks in future with this signmaker cutter.

Vinyl Cutter for both right-handed and left-handed Signmakers

Whether along an internal seal or glued outer pane, whether a distance of 3, 4 or 5 mm or whether with the left hand or the right. Our superstar now combines all these - formerly eight tools - in one ingenious multi-tool for signmakers. This signmaker cutter has definitely deserved a place among the top 10 car wrapping tools.

Ingeniously simple - simply ingenious! :)

And of course we also have the spare blades for this vinyl cutter in our Sign Making Online Shop. By the way, we also have the right "holster" so that you always have the YelloGuide Flexi directly at hand when you need it.

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