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Signmaker Cutter for cutting inner and outer contours in Sign Making

Reinventing the wheel is getting harder and harder even for us...but thanks to great customers, sincere critics and professional film professionals like you we still manage to create a real highlight every now and then :) For example our new WRAPDEFENDER - a special knife that will change the way you work and reduce damage to vehicle paintwork, sealing rubbers or unpainted attachments. Many thanks for the great cooperation with "The CarWrap Trainer" Rainer Lorz. Where others see a problem, he finds a solution.

Wherever you use this knife, you will love it.

When preparing prints, plots or foils on the assembly table, on the printer or plotter, when labeling, when processing stone chip protection and especially when full foiling (car wrapping). The WrapDefender protects you from cutting into the surfaces of the respective substrates so that you can work quickly and safely.  There are no limits to the applications of the WrapDefender and therefore it will be your constant companion in your daily work.

This special tool shows its absolute strengths in the wrapping of vehicles.

How good is the feeling to cut a film on the vehicle and to be sure that you have NOT cut into the paint?
Or to NOT have damaged the sealing rubber of some door folds and not to have scratched the headlights when cutting the film on the bonnet? Lovely, isn't it?

The WrapDefender is the first safety knife for vehicle wrappers with which you can easily cut curves, for example to trim the foil with paper in the wheel house. The easy to change, super-sharp and stainless steel scalpel blade is superior to any cutter blade. We are looking forward to making your daily work easier and safer with this world novelty.

Ingeniously simple - simply ingenious! :)