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SensorCut Flexi

The practical Car Wrapping Cutting Template for Parking Sensors

The freehand cutting of parking sensors in bumpers during the Car Wrapping is often nerve wracking.

That can drive you crazy! :)

Truly many Car Wrapping Professionals inspired us to create this ingenious stainless steel gauge. They wanted to get a calibrated and pliable cutting template for parking sensors. Furthermore this diameter stencil should have a slim yet stable form.

PDC Sensor Diameter Gauge for Professional Vehicle Foiling

During the brainstorming of the Yellotools team, our SensorCut Flexi came out. With this Car Wrapping Tool you get a PDC sensor template, with which you can easily cut out diameters of 13-25mm (0.51”-0.98”).

This makes vehicle foiling a real breeze, even on parking sensors. :)

Since this cutting template for parking sensors is also "Made by Yellotools", you are welcome to tell us your wishes for an extension or modification of this Car Wrapping Tool.

Our tip: We recommend our popular SwivelKnife for cutting with this template!

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