YelloTools Ape Set PPF III

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For all those who start completely NEW, we offer the XXL complete paint protection film set (Ape Set-PPF III) consisting of Ape Set-PPF I and Ape Set-PPF II. Here you are on the safe side to own the ultimate Starter Set and can start right away. With this set you save money as opposed to buying all the individual items!

The large XXL starter kit is included:

  • 1x YelloBelt ProWrap black
  • 1x GloveMaxx ProWrap L 
  • 1x ApeDuo Red
  • 1x ApeDuo Green
  • 1x ProBasic Green
  • 1x ProBasic Blue
  • 1x Ape T-Buffer 4”
  • 1xYelloWings BB Poly 4”
  • 1x WrapDefender
  • 1x BGK Teflon
  • 1x YelloCut Slim
  • 1 VE BlackBlades 9mm 30°
  • 1x BladeBreaker HD black
  • 1x YelloShear Orbit
  • 1x SignTweezer SuperWeeder
  • 1x EasyPump 1L
  • 1x EasyPump Foam 1.5L
  • 1x ApeFoamPotion 1L
  • 1x ApeApplePotion 1L