YelloTools AllStar Squeegees

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They come in many shapes, sizes and colors, but not all squeegees are made the same.  Think about what you do with your squeegee while your adjust your graphic? Where do you put it (besides in our amazing tool pouches?)  Your Mouth! That's right, and your sucking down some scientists dream chemical from a laboratory.  The YelloTools squeegees are all made from Food Grade Plastic! You could quite literally eat off of them. Wrapping a hospital wall, get the AntiMicrobial.  Working at a technology center, get the AntiStatic.  Just working on car, buy all the squeegees!

Shore Rating from soft to hard

Shore 40 - Green

Shore 62 - Blue

Shore 72 - Gold

Shore 72 - Pink

Shore 82 - Orange

Shore 88 - Black

Shore 89 - Clear (Peekaboo)

Shore 93 - Silver (Teflon)