Why Car Wrapping?

Why Car Wrapping?

In the automotive service world, car wrapping sometimes doesn't get the attention it deserves.

Why choose this method of restoring a car's exterior finish? Why not just paint and turtle wax?

Car wrapping is an effective solution allowing vehicle owners to quickly and effectively change the appearance of their vehicle for a number of different uses.

Jazz Up Your Car’s Exterior

Some customers pursue car wrapping just to add racing stripes or rainbow designs or sunbursts, or anything else that makes the vehicle look more customized. This can really change the value of the vehicle and the enjoyment that you get out of driving it. Car wrapping is a way for some of our customers to show off their unique styles and personalities while they’re on the road – or to make a calculated change to a vehicle to try to get a better resale price. It often works!

Road Advertising

Although some of our customers just want to look cool, others use car wrapping for a range of advertising and marketing solutions.

Say you run your own business and drive your own business fleet around town. Being able to wrap a vehicle for your own brand gives you the visibility and outreach that you want in the local area. Small business owners need these quick, easy ways to expand – and car wrapping is one of the most straightforward ways to get more ad value out of what you already own. 

Ultimately, too, some vehicle owners want to moonlight as advertisers for others. Here again, car wrapping can be an effective way to get started. You can source the designs from the third party and get them installed on your vehicle on day one.

The Process

Here's the thing about car wrapping – it's a specialty process that really becomes a lot easier with the right tools. We have wrapped gloves, smoothing tools, knives, and blades, and other kinds of top-quality gear to apply these surface additions to a vehicle exterior in a way that will last and stand up to the elements. Heat guns and steamers and related tools can save you hours of hassle in applying a coating to a vehicle exterior. 

Take a look at our line of products if you want to get involved in car wrapping because these key pieces of your toolbox will save you time and money in the process. We also have tools for banner making and other kinds of application and transfer processes. Bookmark us to really get the ball rolling.