Paint is Dead – The Joys of Auto Wrapping

Paint is Dead – The Joys of Auto Wrapping

Everybody wants their car to look like a million bucks. Lots of drivers want unique signature paint jobs and graphics, whether it's flames, accents, advertising, or something else. Custom paint is awesome!

But getting these designs onto your vehicle is abundantly complicated, and that's why you're more likely to see people driving around in solid colors.

In so many ways, the auto painting industry is dead or dying. It's not something that a lot of people find practical, for a number of reasons. You have to have the right equipment and the right technique, but you also need the right conditions. There are so many pitfalls along the way that it can be discouraging for DIY vehicle owners to make these projects work. The emergence of specialty shops reflects this – a good auto painting company can be one of the hardest things to find in a given community. They’re often “tucked away” somewhere and they can charge quite a  bit, too.

Common Problems with Auto Painting

If you've seen a bad paint job on a vehicle, you've probably seen some of these common problems – one is simply peeling off of the topcoat and the mottled look that comes with it. Other problems have to do with the rusting of the auto body over time.

Then you have phrases like this: “improper preparation of the substrate.” Huh? Or the “use of incompatible materials.” These textbook-style explanations uncover more of the frustrating problems people so often find when they try to re-paint a vehicle.

Problems with Spraying

Want to spray on your paint? Easy, right?

Have you ever seen fish-eyes or “orange peel” irregularities develop with an improper spray? Do you know why that happens? Problems like these can happen due to problems with spray pressure, gun setup, or other issues. Then you have to make sure that the viscosity and temperature of your paint is right. It's enough to drive anybody mad. In addition to the dreaded orange peel problem, you have things like solvent pop that happen due to the conditions in which your paint is applied.

Boy, it might be appealing to skip all of this and just go with a neat and easy auto wrap. Wrapping delivers the precision graphics that you want without insanely labor-intensive processes that are really expensive. Wrapping is one of the best short cuts to getting the modded vehicle that you want quickly and cheaply, with the same awe-inspiring visual effect on the road, or in the driveway, or in the parking lot.